So what does this site even do then?

Well, Antho is a streaming service that distributes publicly curated content so that filmmakers’ creations will be able to be seen by as many people as possible!

That was totally meaningless…

Basically, it’s a streaming service targeting amateur filmmakers.

Right, so how do I upload a trailer?

By becoming a Anthoneer of course! Create an account to upload today!

What’s that number on the top right mean?

That’s the vote limit! You need that amount of ‘yes’ votes on your trailer in order to upload your creation onto the site.

Is there a limit on how many trailers I can upload?

What are you, nuts? The amount of trailers you can upload is endless!

Cool! Does that mean they stay on the site forever?

Heavens no. Your trailer will be deleted once your masterpiece has been uploaded onto the site. It will also cease to exist after not being able to acquire the right amount of votes after 30 days. However, there is nothing stopping you from re-uploading!

How do I upload a series, film or short to the site?

Once you get a certain amount of votes on your trailer, you will then be able to upload your masterpiece onto the site!

How many episodes of a series can I upload?

10! And then you will have to make a new trailer to get your show renewed for a new season by the public.

So, what are the dimensions for uploading a poster to the site?

A poster should be 650px in width and 960px height for the best results.

Can I make money off the back of my hard-working creations?

Currently, you can’t. However, you will be able to monetize your creations very soon!

You haven’t answered my question!

Woah there! I am but an F.A.Q page! You can always ask a human a question on the contact page if thine thirst is not quenched!